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What I offer

Every individual’s health goals are different. If you wish to get nutritional advice on healthy eating, living and ageing to enhance your overall health and wellbeing, I offer a one-off initial consultation and follow-up as below.

Distance is not a problem – nearly all consultations are done on Zoom so whether you are on the other side of the world, Europe or UK I can find a time to help.

“Im here to restart and educate you to the world of tasty, enjoyable nutrition”


This is a free telephone (or zoom call) to discuss how I can support you to reach your health goals and answer any questions you may have about what I can offer, what to expect from the consultation/s and the packages available.

Whether you are looking for a nutritional plan to enhance and help protect your health OR are needing help to address a health problem, please do call to assess which plan would be appropriate for you


An initial 75-90 minute consultation, which will cover:


  • A comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment, discussing symptoms, medical history, family history, diet and lifestyle.

  • A discussion on any specific health concerns, your aims and goals.

  • Analysis of food diary

  • Recipe ideas and handouts (where appropriate)

  • Advice on any relevant tests or supplements you may require.

  • Current medication and nutrient evaluation (if applicable).

  • Review of any recent blood tests.

  • GP referral if needed.

  • Creation of a personalised nutrition and a second zoom session a few days later to educate and explain the plan F2F over a 20-30 minute period.


A 30-minute consultation 6-8 weeks after initial consultation.

  • Review of progress, celebrate your successes and, if required, additions and amendments to programme.

  • Reassurance and education to keep you on track.

  • Explore strategies for your continued health improvement.

What happens in a consultation?

A few days before the consultation you will receive a questionnaire and food diary to fill in to assess aims and your current eating habits.


On the day, the consultation lasts 90 minutes and is a comprehensive assessment of your health, reviewing each body system in detail, your personal and family medical history, your current eating and lifestyle habits.  This enables me to identify the root cause of your symptoms and health concerns.  Once I have a full picture of the health issues you need support with, I will work on your personalised plan which may include nutritional adjustments, lifestyle suggestions, recipes, resources and supplements that I feel might be beneficial.

The rationale behind each action on the plan will be thoroughly explained to you during a 30 minute call.

We have a plan for everyone

As no two people are the same, I tailor my plan to you. If you are unsure what plan is right for you, book a free discovery call. 

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My most popular plan. Perfect for those who need a reset and helping hand into the right direction.

This includes both the initial and follow-up at a discounted rate over a 6-9 week period.


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Provides a personalised meal plan, nutrition education, and ongoing support and guidance. This plan is designed to help you develop long-term, sustainable habits.

This typically  includes an initial consultation and 2 x follow-up appointments

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For those who need a little more support in managing specific symptoms and those wanting to address a long-term challenge and have more regular 1:1 support.

This typically  includes an initial consultation and 5 x follow-up appointments


On occasion, supplements and/or function testing may be recommended, these are not included in the price listed and will only be ordered upon your approval.

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